Hunter Smith
I am 34 years old and currently based out of Houston, TX. Working as a structural engineer, photography became a hobby of mine during my travels, free time, and work (structural inspections). I love the outdoors, traveling to new places, nature, and the national parks. 
I share content related to the above topics regularly on Instagram and YouTube with the goal of inspiring others and providing my feedback on places I have been. I am more than happy to discuss or answer any questions related to travel, hiking, or photography so feel free to reach out anytime. I try to log the best hikes I do in 4K videos on my YouTube channel, some examples are embedded at the bottom of this page.
While my biggest passion has been landscape photography, I have developed solid skills in most other forms of photography over the years. The majority of my experience thus far has been in providing services to family and friends. In attempting to expand my work portfolio and clientele, I am fairly negotiable in pricing and your satisfaction will be of upmost importance. Photos and videos are captured in high resolution and edited with great care and detail in Lightroom, Photoshop, or Premier Pro. 
I am a licensed remote drone pilot under FAA Part 107 certification for any commercial drone flight operations in safe airspace and can provide drone photography, videography, and inspection services. 
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